Virtual Chief Growth Officer

Virtual Chief Growth Officer

Our virtual Chief Growth Officer is a unique service offering where a senior executive with growth and marketing experience works with you part-time to drive business growth through a greater focus on your customer.

It is perfect for a small to medium-sized organisation looking to grow or launching a new product but don't have the financial resources to recruit an experienced senior marketer to their team.

Our virtual Chief Growth Officer will help you in six main areas:

  1. Setting business goals
  2. Defining the customer
  3. Refining value propositions
  4. Developing marketing strategy and tactics
  5. Overseeing the execution of strategy
  6. Monitor performance

Normally, the virtual Chief Growth Officer would work 4 to 8 hours per week on your business.


I have worked with Gordon for a few years and I find that he has a firm grasp of my vision for Accessible in the City and is able to translate that vision into a detailed implementable plan focused on execution delivering on the bottom line.

Gordon's ability to discover and implement business strategy and motivate the team to work towards shared goals was absolutely key to the growth of Chezleon.