Marketing & Storytelling

Our Marketing and Storytelling consulting service is focused on growth. Whether you need to build an entire marketing strategy or refine your current approach,  our marketing consultants can help you improve your efforts for the best results possible.

Our Marketing and Storytelling consulting service will focus on six main areas:

  1. Setting growth goals
  2. Defining customer segments
  3. Refining value propositions
  4. Establishing growth metrics
  5. Defining awareness,  message & channel strategies
  6. Knowing how to delight and retain customers


Our range of workshops is design to equip founders and senior executive’s vital insights, and powerful tools to help plan for future success and growth.


  1. Pitching
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Raising Capital
  5. Value Proposition
  6. Lean Start-up Methodology
  7. Minimal Viable Governance

Workshop Duration: 4-hour

For more information on our Marketing and Storytelling consulting service,  or workshops, please use the contact form or call Gordon 0410 59 66 98.

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